A Spa Day is Always a Great Day

A girl can never go wrong with a blissful day at the spa. It’s the perfect relaxing getaway after a busy week in the city. I’ve always loved going to the spa and loved the way my body feels and looks after getting pampered.

Incorporating daily exfoliation and moisturizing into your skin care regimen is extremely important to keeping your skin hydrated and looking glowing and flawless. It’s crucial to remember this, and incorporate more so during the winter season, due to the dryness of the air.

Going to the spa can improve your skin’s health and appearance tremendously.

The beautiful Alira Boutique Spa is a personal favorite of mine. The fabulous Alira spa offers deep tissue massages, custom facials, and an array of body treatments. Alira also offers salon hair services for men and women.

When I had the pleasure of having a spa day at Alira it was a luxurious, relaxing, and unforgettable experience. I received the Aqua Intense Facial, Phytomer Anti-aging Body Treatment, and a blowout. I highly recommend all of the above!

Alira’s mission is to restore, enhance, and rejuvenate each client’s mind, body, and soul. Alira is owned and founded by Escarle Silva, and is located in the center of Houston, TX in the Montrose District.

Congratulations Alira Boutique Spa on celebrating your 5th year Anniversary!



Owner & Founder Escarle Silva

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