Flawlessly Confident: Mind, Body, & Skin

Hello Spring! Spring is a time for change. Out with the old, and in with the new. As the seasons change, as should we. Change is inevitable in order to grow and evolve into a stronger, wiser, kinder, and braver person.

In order for growth I’ve learned that letting go of negativity, self doubt, and what we are holding on to is essential for progression. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Releasing fear and fully believing in yourself is powerful.

As we grow and change, so do our bodies. Keeping our mind and spirit strong is key to taking the best possible care of our bodies. The body follows the mind. It is important to stay mentally and emotionally healthy in order to be physically healthy and be our best selves. Focus daily on self reflection, understanding, acceptance, and self love.
Wisdom and self growth will be the result.

Incorporating these positive actions into your daily routine will change your life from the inside out. We feel and look our best when we are confident in who we are and feel good about ourselves.

I love to feel and look beautiful, as do most women. I feel the most beautiful when I feel the most confident. I enjoy and take part in a variety of beauty services that help contribute to my body and skin feeling and looking its best. A personal favorite of mine is getting a facial. Customized facials are important to get regularly in order to keep your skin healthy and luminous. A facial is beneficial because it removes dead skin cells, cleanses the skin and creates hydration, improves blood circulation, and evens out skin tone.

Brazil N Drops Salon and Spa, located in League City, Texas specializes in customized facials. The salon is owned by Desiree Dantas, and offers clients a variety of services such as facials, cosmetic injections, and hair and makeup services. Desiree is one of the best injectors in the Houston/Bay Area location, and is able to help clients achieve their perfect look. Dr. Derek Lou is the Medical Director at the Salon. A new addition to the salon is the Vanquish machine. This technology targets unwanted fat deposits, creating a smaller waistline or thigh circumference. Brazil N Drops carries some of the best beauty products including Societe Skincare, leaving your skin healthy and radiant.


I also routinely get non invasive lipo sculpting treatments to keep my skin looking its best. Lipo sculpting treatments help with skin tightening, inch loss, and fat burning. Cellulite reduction is another benefit of lipo sculpting. Located inside Brazil N Drops is Flawless Lipo Sculpting, owned by Dee Wallace Garrett. The procedure is painless and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and consist of the use of ultrasound technology used to melt fat cells. The lipo sculpting machine can be used on problem areas of the body such as the stomach or legs. These amazing treatments give the skin a smooth, soft, and flawless look.


A fabulous airbrush tan is another one of my personal favorites for achieving a flawless finish on my skin. My go to tanning salon is Throwing Copper, they are the best! Throwing Copper uses an organic, all natural airbrush tanning solution. The business is located in Houston near the museum district on Montrose Blv. inside of Blue Mambo Salon. The owner, Samantha Buchanan is incredible and she will customize your airbrush tan for you to help you achieve a perfect glow – without feeling sticky or sending you on your way with the normal, non appealing, spray tan smell. Also, her product smells amazing and has DHA in the solution, along with Aloe Vera, White Tea extract, Grape Seed extract, and Citric Acid.


Whether it’s an awesome facial, a fabulous lipo sculpting treatment, or a perfect tan, all of these beauty enhancers help contribute to a healthy, beautiful, physical appearance, resulting in more self confidence. I highly recommend trying these services and treatments out, you will feel refreshed and see a healthy difference in your body and skin.

Meditate on positivity, gratitude, and self love. You will feel better, healthier, and more confident from the inside out. True beauty comes from within the heart and shines outwards.

Xo, Blaine


Photo: Grant Foto http://grantfoto.com/
Makeup: Aubrie Layne Lucky Cat Beauty https://www.luckycatbeauty.com/

Article also seen in LCA Houston Magazine https://www.lcahouston.com/

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