Beauty Meets Brains

Empowerment starts within yourself. When you fully believe you are worthy, and focus your thoughts on positivity, expectancy, and thankfulness, is when happiness and success is unmeasurable. The mind is a powerful tool and contributes to your overall well-being. It is the influencer of achieving goals in life, especially relating to your health and fitness, beauty routine, education, and business profession. When you believe there are no limits to your abilities and potential, is when you will start to succeed. (With of course hard work, persistence, and dedication).

Jessica Hatch, the CEO and Founder of Infinity Diagnostics Center, proves one can be beautiful, smart, and successful. She also lives by the quote, “the body can achieve what the mind believes.”

Photography by: Neil Jou

With a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, and minor in Health from Sam Houston State University, Jessica moved to Los Angeles and started working in the health care industry. She recruited radiologists for a company in 2009, while following her dreams in the modeling and acting scene.

As she gained experience in the health care industry, she realized she had a nitch communicating with doctors, understanding their needs, and navigating and helping them grow their practices.

“I am very business minded and growth is always the goal”, explains Jessica.

Knowing there would always be a space for her in the health care industry, she decided to move back to Houston, Texas and open up her own business. She opened Infinity Diagnostics LLC in 2012, now known as Infinity Centers United LLC. The business is a company that contracts with imaging centers, hospitals, and surgery centers, providing them management services to help streamline patient referrals. Specifically focusing on MRI’s, Interventional Pain procedures, Stem Cell Injections, Sleep Studies, and various other surgical procedures that range from Spine, Bariatric, Orthopedic, and even ENT surgery. After many years of growing and contracting this business out she decided to open up her very own brick and mortar, in which she was able to encompass a large amount of these services under her own roof. This facility is known as Infinity Diagnostics Center.

The former model, athlete, health care expert, and business women is no stranger to the beauty industry.

Wanting to keep her passions in her forefront, this powerhouse woman decided to take on a new professional venture into the health and beauty world. She recently opened up a new business within her facility called, Infinity Med Spa.

“Finding ways to grow in the ever evolving health care world while helping others achieve their health and beauty goals,” is her mission with Infinity Med Spa.

The Med Spa provides clients with a variety of cosmetic injections and dermal fillers, including Botox and Juvederm; along with offering Microneedling with PRP, Massage Therapy, and Stem Cell Injections. Infinity Med Spa also introduces the first Sculpt Pod to Houston. This new technology is for weight loss and skin tightening. The treatment consists of painless 15 minute sessions that expand over the course of a few weeks.

“I love helping people achieve their beauty goals. We’re all perfect in our own unique ways because God made us this way. But I think allowing yourself to enhance what God gave you can help increase your confidence.”

Along with helping people achieve their beauty and health goals, Jessica also loves to give back to the community and help others. She created a Nonprofit organization called the Hatching For Health Foundation. One of the main goals of Hatching for Health is to strive to create awareness and find cures for children with various diseases, disabilities, and disorders. She is also in the process of co-producing her TV show, Hatching For Health, with a local Houston Network.

There is beauty in giving back, beauty in empowering others and yourself, and there is beauty shown from that of a kind heart and strong mind.

Never underestimate yourself, you can achieve anything in this world. Always concentrate your mind on things that encourage and inspire you, bring you happiness, and feed your soul. Your mind directs your steps, and your steps determine your success.

Stayed tuned on Beauty with Blaine for more information and upcoming announcements. You can check out Jessica’s YouTube channel, Hatching for Health, and follow her on social media platforms.

Be sure to check out Infinity Diagnostics Center and her brand new Infinity Med Spa located at 3310 Edloe Street Houston, TX, 77027.

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  1. I’m getting dizzy reading all the things she does at her studio! I thought I was busyyy Hook it up lover xx


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