GEN Z: Welcome to the Future

Throughout history, American society has benefited from the different generations of people and the characteristics they bring to the table. Millennials used to be the youngest and newest generation, with people born between 1981 to 1996. Society is now welcoming Generation Z. This generation consists of young men and women who were born in 1997 to mid 2000’s or present time. It’s interesting to compare and see the differences between the two generations, and the advances Generation Z presents.

Generation Z has become extremely technologically knowledgeable and advanced. This generation has grown up with digital devices, mobile technology, and widespread access to the internet. Generation Z has “used the internet since a young age and are comfortable with technology and social media”. (Wikipedia) 

These young adults are independent, competitive, and have an entrepreneurial mindset, more so than Millennials. “They also feel a pressure to play up, play down, or challenge what is expected of them, both in their personal and public lives.” “They are the most diverse generation to date” and identify with multiple ethnic and racial backgrounds. (Wikipedia)

Generation Z is breaking the ideas of normality, especially in regards to education and the workforce. Due to their entrepreneurial   desire, most of them have started their own business or are planning to do so. They would prefer to be their own boss, rather then work for someone else. They are hardworking, and like power and flexibility in the workforce. Higher numbers of Generation Z than Millennials are not going to college and rather working fresh out of high school, avoiding debt, and starting businesses. 

“While Millennials are often seen as more idealistic, and more motivated by purpose than a paycheck, Generation Z may lean more toward security and money”. (Forbes) Generation Z has valuable characteristics such as, “their acceptance of new ideas and a different conception of freedom from the previous generations.” (Forbes)

Is Generation Z a more knowledgeable and advanced group of people? What does this mean for the future and society? How will Generation Z effect politics, technology, education, and culture? Their contributions, through characteristics and knowledge, will indefinitely make an impact on American culture and society.

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