Beauty Meets Brains

Empowerment starts within yourself. When you fully believe you are worthy, and focus your thoughts on positivity, expectancy, and thankfulness, is when happiness and success is unmeasurable. The mind is a powerful tool and contributes to your overall well-being. It is the influencer of achieving goals in life, especially relating to your health and fitness, beauty routine, education, and business profession. When you believe there are no limits to your abilities and potential, is when you will start to succeed. (With of course hard work, persistence, and dedication).

Jessica Hatch, the CEO and Founder of Infinity Diagnostics Center, proves one can be beautiful, smart, and successful. She also lives by the quote, “the body can achieve what the mind believes.”

Photography by: Neil Jou

With a Bachelors degree in Kinesiology, and minor in Health from Sam Houston State University, Jessica moved to Los Angeles and started working in the health care industry. She recruited radiologists for a company in 2009, while following her dreams in the modeling and acting scene.

As she gained experience in the health care industry, she realized she had a nitch communicating with doctors, understanding their needs, and navigating and helping them grow their practices.

“I am very business minded and growth is always the goal”, explains Jessica.

Knowing there would always be a space for her in the health care industry, she decided to move back to Houston, Texas and open up her own business. She opened Infinity Diagnostics LLC in 2012, now known as Infinity Centers United LLC. The business is a company that contracts with imaging centers, hospitals, and surgery centers, providing them management services to help streamline patient referrals. Specifically focusing on MRI’s, Interventional Pain procedures, Stem Cell Injections, Sleep Studies, and various other surgical procedures that range from Spine, Bariatric, Orthopedic, and even ENT surgery. After many years of growing and contracting this business out she decided to open up her very own brick and mortar, in which she was able to encompass a large amount of these services under her own roof. This facility is known as Infinity Diagnostics Center.

The former model, athlete, health care expert, and business women is no stranger to the beauty industry.

Wanting to keep her passions in her forefront, this powerhouse woman decided to take on a new professional venture into the health and beauty world. She recently opened up a new business within her facility called, Infinity Med Spa.

“Finding ways to grow in the ever evolving health care world while helping others achieve their health and beauty goals,” is her mission with Infinity Med Spa.

The Med Spa provides clients with a variety of cosmetic injections and dermal fillers, including Botox and Juvederm; along with offering Microneedling with PRP, Massage Therapy, and Stem Cell Injections. Infinity Med Spa also introduces the first Sculpt Pod to Houston. This new technology is for weight loss and skin tightening. The treatment consists of painless 15 minute sessions that expand over the course of a few weeks.

“I love helping people achieve their beauty goals. We’re all perfect in our own unique ways because God made us this way. But I think allowing yourself to enhance what God gave you can help increase your confidence.”

Along with helping people achieve their beauty and health goals, Jessica also loves to give back to the community and help others. She created a Nonprofit organization called the Hatching For Health Foundation. One of the main goals of Hatching for Health is to strive to create awareness and find cures for children with various diseases, disabilities, and disorders. She is also in the process of co-producing her TV show, Hatching For Health, with a local Houston Network.

There is beauty in giving back, beauty in empowering others and yourself, and there is beauty shown from that of a kind heart and strong mind.

Never underestimate yourself, you can achieve anything in this world. Always concentrate your mind on things that encourage and inspire you, bring you happiness, and feed your soul. Your mind directs your steps, and your steps determine your success.

Stayed tuned on Beauty with Blaine for more information and upcoming announcements. You can check out Jessica’s YouTube channel, Hatching for Health, and follow her on social media platforms.

Be sure to check out Infinity Diagnostics Center and her brand new Infinity Med Spa located at 3310 Edloe Street Houston, TX, 77027.

G.L.A.M Girls Night Out


Michelle Hammons, also known as Beauty Life Coach, is all about empowering women to know their worth, purpose, and identity in an innovative way through beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

Michelle incorporates make up, hair tips, and tutorials and includes fashion and style advice for every body type. She has created an environment where women are equipped and feel inspired, beautiful, loved, and perfect just as they are. Michelle continues to inspire and elevate women, and she hopes to see all at her newest creation… GLAM Girls Night Out!

Michelle is bridging the gap between her modeling, life coaching, and affinity for community and family to create an experience for women to Gather, Laugh, Take Action and Be Motivated (G.L.A.M.). She truly believes that everything we overcome is not for ourselves but for the benefit of others and that is why she is passionate about bringing light, life, and hope everywhere she goes.

Michelle believes that with fierce determination, passion, and a fixed focus “we can and will accomplish our dreams.” As a Certified Life Coach and former model, she uses her charm and expertise to create strategic workshops, seminars, classes … and now her 8-city tour, G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out,, which will allow women to realign with their calling and destiny through teaching them the power of community over comparison/competition. She is creating a community that allows women the opportunity to connect with likeminded ladies that will help propel them forward, all while feeling and looking phenomenal.

Michelle is passionate about infusing beauty, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle together to empower women to know their worth, purpose, and identity. Inspiring them to break free from complacency to make their dreams and goals a reality.

Together is always better and empowered women, empower others!

ABOUT G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out:

G.L.A.M. Girls Night Out,, is an event specifically designed for women to realign with their calling and destiny. The event is for women entrepreneurs, moms, bloggers, and any #bossbabe who wants to get together in networking and energizing fun to support each other in business and friendship.

Ladies will have the opportunity to shop our exclusive vendors, snag an amazing swag bag, meet with our VIP Speakers, take unforgettable picture on our red carpet, learn about the latest fashion trends while relaxing and enjoying the fashion show, indulge in tasty light bites, coffee and juice bar, and gain a strategic tool set that will empower them to  make strides in their lives.

The event will take place at Noah’s Event Venue on MAY 17th, in Sugar Land, TX — 6:00 – 9:30 PM.

**Also, at each of the events we will be giving 10% back to charities that help battered women, sex trafficking victims, foster to adopt children and orphans.

We hope you join us!! To purchase tickets, please visit: Eventbrite:

Flawlessly Confident: Mind, Body, & Skin

Hello Spring! Spring is a time for change. Out with the old, and in with the new. As the seasons change, as should we. Change is inevitable in order to grow and evolve into a stronger, wiser, kinder, and braver person.

In order for growth I’ve learned that letting go of negativity, self doubt, and what we are holding on to is essential for progression. Step outside your comfort zone and embrace the unknown. Releasing fear and fully believing in yourself is powerful.

As we grow and change, so do our bodies. Keeping our mind and spirit strong is key to taking the best possible care of our bodies. The body follows the mind. It is important to stay mentally and emotionally healthy in order to be physically healthy and be our best selves. Focus daily on self reflection, understanding, acceptance, and self love.
Wisdom and self growth will be the result.

Incorporating these positive actions into your daily routine will change your life from the inside out. We feel and look our best when we are confident in who we are and feel good about ourselves.

I love to feel and look beautiful, as do most women. I feel the most beautiful when I feel the most confident. I enjoy and take part in a variety of beauty services that help contribute to my body and skin feeling and looking its best. A personal favorite of mine is getting a facial. Customized facials are important to get regularly in order to keep your skin healthy and luminous. A facial is beneficial because it removes dead skin cells, cleanses the skin and creates hydration, improves blood circulation, and evens out skin tone.

Brazil N Drops Salon and Spa, located in League City, Texas specializes in customized facials. The salon is owned by Desiree Dantas, and offers clients a variety of services such as facials, cosmetic injections, and hair and makeup services. Desiree is one of the best injectors in the Houston/Bay Area location, and is able to help clients achieve their perfect look. Dr. Derek Lou is the Medical Director at the Salon. A new addition to the salon is the Vanquish machine. This technology targets unwanted fat deposits, creating a smaller waistline or thigh circumference. Brazil N Drops carries some of the best beauty products including Societe Skincare, leaving your skin healthy and radiant.

I also routinely get non invasive lipo sculpting treatments to keep my skin looking its best. Lipo sculpting treatments help with skin tightening, inch loss, and fat burning. Cellulite reduction is another benefit of lipo sculpting. Located inside Brazil N Drops is Flawless Lipo Sculpting, owned by Dee Wallace Garrett. The procedure is painless and lasts about 45 minutes to an hour and consist of the use of ultrasound technology used to melt fat cells. The lipo sculpting machine can be used on problem areas of the body such as the stomach or legs. These amazing treatments give the skin a smooth, soft, and flawless look.

A fabulous airbrush tan is another one of my personal favorites for achieving a flawless finish on my skin. My go to tanning salon is Throwing Copper, they are the best! Throwing Copper uses an organic, all natural airbrush tanning solution. The business is located in Houston near the museum district on Montrose Blv. inside of Blue Mambo Salon. The owner, Samantha Buchanan is incredible and she will customize your airbrush tan for you to help you achieve a perfect glow – without feeling sticky or sending you on your way with the normal, non appealing, spray tan smell. Also, her product smells amazing and has DHA in the solution, along with Aloe Vera, White Tea extract, Grape Seed extract, and Citric Acid.

Whether it’s an awesome facial, a fabulous lipo sculpting treatment, or a perfect tan, all of these beauty enhancers help contribute to a healthy, beautiful, physical appearance, resulting in more self confidence. I highly recommend trying these services and treatments out, you will feel refreshed and see a healthy difference in your body and skin.

Meditate on positivity, gratitude, and self love. You will feel better, healthier, and more confident from the inside out. True beauty comes from within the heart and shines outwards.

Xo, Blaine


Photo: Grant Foto
Makeup: Aubrie Layne Lucky Cat Beauty

Article also seen in LCA Houston Magazine

A Spa Day is Always a Great Day

A girl can never go wrong with a blissful day at the spa. It’s the perfect relaxing getaway after a busy week in the city. I’ve always loved going to the spa and loved the way my body feels and looks after getting pampered.

Incorporating daily exfoliation and moisturizing into your skin care regimen is extremely important to keeping your skin hydrated and looking glowing and flawless. It’s crucial to remember this, and incorporate more so during the winter season, due to the dryness of the air.

Going to the spa can improve your skin’s health and appearance tremendously.

The beautiful Alira Boutique Spa is a personal favorite of mine. The fabulous Alira spa offers deep tissue massages, custom facials, and an array of body treatments. Alira also offers salon hair services for men and women.

When I had the pleasure of having a spa day at Alira it was a luxurious, relaxing, and unforgettable experience. I received the Aqua Intense Facial, Phytomer Anti-aging Body Treatment, and a blowout. I highly recommend all of the above!

Alira’s mission is to restore, enhance, and rejuvenate each client’s mind, body, and soul. Alira is owned and founded by Escarle Silva, and is located in the center of Houston, TX in the Montrose District.

Congratulations Alira Boutique Spa on celebrating your 5th year Anniversary!

Owner & Founder Escarle Silva

Shop Small

November 25th, the Saturday after Thanksgiving, is know as Small Business Saturday. A day to support small businesses and celebrate what they bring to the community. It is the small, local businesses that add uniqueness and originality to the community. Supporting small businesses in your area also improves the local economy.

Shopping Small is perfect for buying great gifts for the Holidays because shoppers will normally find gifts that are not prominent in main stream shopping areas, and can purchase items that are limited, special, and one of a kind!

Here at Lucky Cat Beauty we encourage you to shop small and support your favorite local businesses!